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I love you and miss you so much my little girl. I wish that I can hold and kiss you again one more time. I hope to see you in my dreams every night. Goodbye for now my baby girl. Until we meet again. Love you always, mami
Nov 5, 2015
Sashita Hermosa : hoy ya una semana de tu partida , es duro llegar a casa y no verte . Nos dejaste a tu hijito Manchi , él estará lleno de amor , igual que vos! Siempre me acuerdo cuando llegaste a casa con solo 40 días , lo traviesa que eras , cuando tuviste a tus 9 hijitos , que buena mamá, como cuidabas de ellos . Te extrañamos Sashita , siempre vas a estar en nuestros corazones y nuestros recuerdos ! Te amamos gorda linda !!!
Veronica Falero y family
Oct 15, 2015
Mickey left me on Sunday, August 9, 2015, just 1 month shy of his 14th birthday (September 9th). We were sitting together watching television when I felt him starting to slip away. He struggled several years with an enlarged heart, which I knew gave him much discomfort, despite medication. Mickey was truly loved by me, my two sons, grandson and husband. My grandson always says that "Mickey is a great dog"! I miss him terribly and wish that he had stayed with me a little longer. He gave the family 9 years of unconditional love and affection and I thank God for the opportunity to be in his life. I never expected to feel the passing of Mickey so deeply, but it just goes to show how deep and heart-felt the love I had for him. We will always love and remember you, Mickey! You're a great dog!
Chrissy Ship
Aug 18, 2015
It hasn't even been 24 hours... I can't even really digest my feelings. One moment I think I did the right thing, the next moment I feel like I could have done more. Its not fair. Why couldn't you live forever? Part of me is glad you're gone because I'd never want you to suffer a single day of the life you had left, and I'd never want you to endure a single day without me because I need you. Your love for me was so pure. Even on your last days, you did your best to show me you were happy to see me. Another part of me feels like being glad you're at peace is not the right way to feel. I should be more sad... more upset.. more of a disaster than I already am... I could never repay you. I could never show you how much it hurts to be without you. I'm always wondering if I could have loved you more. What else could I have done? I literally miss your scent. I can't compare your smell to anything but home, every time. Every single time..... I don't get it. Why did this have to happen? Like, I know that letting you go was the right thing, realistically and health wise FOR YOU. But why isn't there something in this world that allows us to stay together infinitely??? All I want is for you to run and bark and speak to me and answer me like you always did. Every time I spoke to you, you had something to say. This sucks. Life,...regardless of how it actually was at the moment..., was always beautiful with you. Its so hard to explain the way you can erase all the bad things. Feeling your excitement, your nails scratching me, doggy breath, wet nose, everything... it all felt perfect. I really don't get this. I jump from emotion to emotion, trying to understand why this had to be. People always know that at one point things have to end, but no one's ever prepared. I could have had this pre-planned for 20 years and still never truly be ready to lose you. This is the worst feeling in the world. I wish I could bring you back. You've loved me since I was 12. Nothing can replace you. I could have won the lottery and bought myself everything in this world, but my heart would still grow darker from missing you..... I hope time heals all. I hope you're happy. Even if you're gone, I'll always keep looking for you. I can't wait to see you again. I love you.
Natalia Hurtado
May 24, 2015
Oh my baby poodoopoo I miss u so much my heart hurts so badly my Lady Paris I still can't believe ur really gone, I keep yearning to hear the sound of ur bark and to scream out ur name whenever u start to just run around and make even ur siblings crazy. How I miss u my baby, it's just not the same without u here. I wish I could visit u in heaven or if Gid could allow u to come back to me my baby
Natacha Denis
Lady Paris Celine
May 3, 2015
Dixie, you where rescued as a stray in 2004. You where they love of my life and my little lamb after Brooke suddenly passed. I knew you where getting fraigle and I protected you from the kids and helped you up on the bed. I knew it was time after the veterinarian said you had a stroke, you have left the biggest hole in my heart, I loved you so much and miss you so much. Coming home and not finding you waiting for me is unbearable, I am lost without you, it's only been 2 weeks but I cannot stop crying and hoping you will be here when I get home, but I know you are gone. You gave me the best 11 yrs I ever had and I will never have another dog like you, my special Dixie, my beloved poodle. I hope you are safe in God's arms in heaven with Brooke and safe without pain until I see you again, I miss and love you so much
Teresa Smart Aguilera
Apr 30, 2015
My beautiful baby girl.oh how I'm goin crazy without you. I've never knew you would be taken so early from us.but I know your resting in peace now with no more pain n suffering. My heart breaks just knowing you will never be here with us again. Wished I could had magically just made all ur sickness disappear like magic.I'll miss you grabbing our socks, running to the kitchen to beg for ice cubes, not seeing you next to me as soon as I wake up in the mornings, and so many other things I love about you. You were such a sweetheart. I hope god gives me the strength to heal my heart cuz I feel this is too hard to handle you not being here. I feel like this is all a nightmare.i love you to the moon and back and just know you will never be forgotten and will ALWAYS be in my heart.Baby girl we shall meet again one day but meanwhile just know I'll be missing u like crazy and I will love u now and forever!! May u rest in peace in heaven.
Janeth V.
Mar 30, 2015
Chandler u were and always will be my best friend, my number 1 man I called you. God knew you were special and brought you into this world on Christmas. When daddy brought you home to us you were the cutest ball of fur. You stuck by my side through all my illnesses and surgeries. You were always by my side. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you the way you saved me. You fought till the end and then we had to make the hardest decision of my life. You were fighting but your body was giving out on you. Chloe misses you like crazy and still searches the house for you. She has never known a life without you. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you as your mommy, caretaker, and voice. You gave me the best 10 years ever and I know your in Gods hands now with no pain and fatigue. I will love you forever and ever. I will see you one day again. I still cry for you everyday. I still come home and expect you to run up to me. It almost feels your away somewhere and will be coming home then i realize its not gonna happen and i cry. I love you to the moon and back. Forever in my heart, your mommy. Chandler Landon Dowell 12/25/2004-2/16/15
Jennifer Dowell
Chandler Landon Dowell
Mar 15, 2015
January 20th of 2011, the day I brought you home the day my mom said "no, you're crazy Marla, I don't want dogs in this house" and the next day when I came back of school she was all happy playing with you and she told me "you know what, you can keep it" and since that day, I taked care of you, I loved you so much I will never forget those days when I got home from school and you used to jump all over me, you were such a cute, lovely, smart dog. this April 10th I was planing on making you a cake for your 5th birthday and take a photo and compare how big you got since your first birthday, but thas gonna be impossible now. All I can say is that you will never be forgotten my little Perry
Mar 9, 2015
Bonnie Barnes- May your little paws Potter patter in hevan and Clide be okay with out you. My little precious ferret.
Kayli Barnes
Feb 25, 2015
My sweet angel,love you and miss you every second of my last thought will be of you...
herb petrillo
Feb 25, 2015
Stripe- you fought on through two weeks of total kidney failure, never giving yourself permission to leave me. You stopped eating and wretched continually. But whenever I was around, you smiled, wagged your tail and ran after me as I chased roller treats. You even tried helping me to stand on my crippled back legs by putting your muzzle under me or gently mouthing me enough to where my back legs were in position to stand on their own. "Mom" says you wouldn't go to heaven til I walked on my own. But then this past Sunday night, Mom said you were wandering thru the house looking for something. she didn't think it was me you were looking for but that you were looking for the way to the "Rainbow Bridge". So the next morning, Mom brought me along with you to the vet's. The vet said you fought the first shot and then you fought the second shot. Everyone in the room thought you were fighting leaving, until I whispered in your ear that I would work hard at trying to walk and that I would live on for you. Then I touched my whiskers to yours and with one last breath, I watched you cross the Rainbow Bridge to find Scooter waiting to welcome you "home". With you until the end, and forever with you in spirit, your feline best buddy, - Coco
Gloria Caballero
Feb 25, 2015
Goodbye, Roscoe We Love you. You were the best dog ever.
Feb 23, 2015
My Baby I love you so much I'm sorry my gordi. I had to let you go. There will be no more monsters no more pain. I don't know how to move on without you here. My life revolved around you. I dreamed of us growing old together. My heart went to heaven last night. I miss you so much. I'm going to miss coming home and seeing you running to the door to see me. Even though we had alarm reminders you always let us know when it was time for your meds rauf. Daddy cried alot today when he saw your meds in the cabinet. How I moved the mattress over so you can have the box spring as a step to get up on the bed. How you always laid in front of the ac closet to stay cool. How mommy always wiped away your eye boogers. How you went with me on the weekends to mom's house. How you waited for me outside the bathroom every time. How you liked to lick the water off my legs when I got out of the shower. How you loved to play outside. How you snored louder than most men. How you never let me cut your nails. How you jumped out of bed when daddy farted. How you would give the best car washes. I love you so much my Baby. :'( :'( :'( I prayed to Mima to wait for you and take care of you in heaven. Don't be scared my beautiful girl. My Baby you will be in my heart forever and we will be together again.
Susy Santana
Feb 15, 2015
Know that you were the best thin that has ever happened to me. I will always love you and miss you. Someday we'll be together forever.
D. O'Brien
Cleo Marie
Feb 14, 2015
Ya van 391 dias sin la alegria de tu presencia, te extranamos a diario y te recordamos con demasiada nostalgia. Que no daria por tenerte a mi lado solo 1 dia mas. Ya tenemos una nueva companera para tu Hermana para que no se sienta tan sola, lamentablemente para nosotros es imposible llenar el vacio que nos dejastes. Espero algun dia volverte a ver, se que estaras esperando por mi en el Puente del arco iris, cuento contigo! No se si medemore pero por favor esparame... Te amo princesa, Fabian. "Paquita" 03/08/01 - 01/10/2014
Fabian Suarez
Feb 5, 2015
My lil Roman you will NEVER be forgotten but FOREVER in our hearts
Jan 29, 2015
My little guy, I miss you more and more each day. if i can only take back time I will do so many things differently. You were the smartest, most lovable little dog I ever had. I miss you so much pucho and i am so sorry you are gone. I still have dreams about you, in my dreams I'm holding you, kissing you. I wish I can just play with you and kiss you one more time. I miss how you used to greet me, protect me. The whole family misses you little guy. You're in heaven now, and I know one day I will see you again. I love you my little pucho. My little old man.
Yas F.
Dec 30, 2014
Well, I had to let my Roxy go to be with God this morning. I loved her so much.She was always a perfect dog. She taught me so much. I will miss her so much. Rest in peace my beautiful girl. She taught me so much about God's perfect love, how He loves us and how He wants us to love. Roxy has been by my side for 10 years. A rescue who rescued me. My sweet girl.
Amy Rains
Nov 20, 2014
I never knew how bad it would hurt to lose you until today. You were my best friend. When I needed a should to cry on or a secret to share, you were always there, and I knew you'd always make me feel better. No one will ever fill the void in my heart. I'll love you forever Missy!
Jodi Swann
Nov 10, 2014
Nano i will forever love you!!!your loss has been unbearable and pray to God for strength...i know i will be with you again!!! the love and bond we had was one of a kind,te amo mi macho lindo... love mom,dad and mia bella.
Flor Acosta
Nov 9, 2014
Baby Girl, we love and miss you so much !! I did everything I could to help you, but your illness was too much. I could not watch you suffer any longer. My heart is broken, and I cant sop crying. I will forever love you, and miss you every day.I hope you are pain free now. I cant wait to see you again so I can kiss your sweet face and hug you. Love mom, dad, Michael, Logan, Josh and Taylor
The Flowers Family
Jasmine~ Pretty
Oct 5, 2014
To my beloved hunny. I miss you so much, you were the best dog/ companion anyone could have ever asked for. You will forever be in my heart. There are no words to discribe the pain I feel since you left but I know you've crossed the rainbow and I hope to see you some day. I love you baby girl.
Ydalmis perez
Sep 15, 2014
I miss you so much :((( too many memories :((( love u
Sep 13, 2014
Our lives are empty, our hearts are broken. But we know that you are waiting and are sending you light and love. We miss you but know that you are healed, whole and well, "the most beautiful dog". Forever and always!
Deb & Clyde
Mickey Mouse Thompson
Aug 17, 2014
Rexy wasnt just a guinea pig he was my baby my world. I loved him more than anything in this world. Rest in heaven my little furry friend we will all miss you and keep you in our hearts forever papi. Fam quezada.
laura quezada
Aug 2, 2014
Banjo, for 16 years, my friend my everything, always together in good and bad times, its going to be 24 hours that you left us and it's difficult, I don't know what to do without you but I know that one day we are going to be together again and now you are my angel. Love you Banjito,
Jul 26, 2014
We adopted Sasha about a year ago, but it feels like we've had her forever! Sasha was a sweet, loving girl...but it had to be on her terms! Very independent, but also loved attention. She was such a "character"! From standing guard at the front door for hours on end like a soldier, to being the go-to "critter killer", to getting into just about everything! (Like getting herself shut in the dishwasher). We love & miss you Sashy!
Cindy S
Apr 16, 2014
Orion, My precious, purrrfect kitty. You will forever be in my heart. Thank you for giving me all the love, support and happiness these last 14 years. I helped you be born. I raised you, loved you and cradled you, and was with you until your final breath. You will stay with me always, in my heart, until we meet again. May 24th, 2000 to April 2nd, 2014
Apr 12, 2014
Hoy a  3 meses de tu partida, tu ausencia es insoportable. Te pensamos y extrañamos a diario, imposible no hacerlo. Sabemos que ya descansas en paz y no sufres pero estamos desvastados por tu partida mi niña.
No sabemos ciertamente si existe el “Puente del arco iris” o si alguna vez nos encontremos nuevamente; solo sabemos con seguridad que jamas podras salir de nuestros corazones, jamas!.
Tu hermana Chloe tambien te extraña y ha sido bien duro para ella. Es dificil llegar a casa y no tener tu recibimiento, es mas dificil aun abrir el closet y no verte alli durmiendo, en las comidas aun te busco debajo de la mesa.....pero ya no estas, haz partido. Tu ausencia esta acabando conmigo.
Fuiste mi alegria, compañera fiel de tantas aventuras, hubiesemos dado Todo por conservarte con nosotros un tiempo mas. Dios asi lo quizo y solo queda aprender a vivir con el dolor de tu ausencia.
Fabian y Margarita
03/08/01 – 01/10/14
Fabian y Margarita
Apr 11, 2014
En memoria del fallecimiento de candy que descansé en paz
Apr 7, 2014
Beloved Boots 2001 - 3/17/2014 For 13 years you were such a sweet kitty. We will miss you so much. Your friend Buttons will miss you too. We will love you always. Love, Scott, Maureen, Samantha, Buttons, Spike, Missy and Hope.
The Kane Family
Boots Kane
Mar 17, 2014
To our beloved little girl Koda. We will miss you deeply but know that one day we will see you again. You were truly a part of this family. Love, your human parents.
Alan & Melissa
Mar 17, 2014
Antwan you were my best friend for 15 years. You never left my side and you were so loyal, you loved me unconditionally. Thank you for all the times you were there for me. We had wonderful times together and we had each other through the hard times. You will always be in my heart, puppy. I did everything in my power to make sure you had a long, happy, fulfilling doggy life despite congestive heart failure. You outlived your life expectancy because you were a strong willed little trooper! I hope heaven is all grassy fields, warm embraces, and lots of bacon! We will be reunited someday buddy. I love you with all my heart Twany, Mommy
Mar 12, 2014
My sweet little Lily was put to sleep 5 weeks ago. She is so missed, I think I hear her at night walking around or coughing. She was my little shadow, she followed me around the house all the time, sat with me on her own chair while I was on the computer or even eating. She snuggled with me in bed and slept with me every night. We were buddies always. I feel so sad because no matter how hard I tried to get her better it just did not work. Putting her to sleep was the most horrible thing I have ever ever had to do in my life. They say that it was the right thing to do for Lily, that for her every breath it was like breathing through a straw because of her collapsed treachia, in additon to her heart and liver. I wanted so much to save her and I couldn't. I wanted my sweet Lily forever. I cry daily becaue I miss her so much. Deep down inside I know that it was better to put her to sleep instead of possibly coming home and finding that she had passed away with no one there. She will be my forever dog and I will miss her for life. RIP, my sweet Lily. I miss your sweet happy tail wagging silly self.
Terry Z
Mar 9, 2014
Our beloved little Pigsley we will miss you so much!. You brought us much Love and Laughter and we celebrate your life. Have fun playing in heaven with your sister squeaky. Until we see you again, Hugs and Kisses! Love Mommy & Daddy
PIgsley James
Mar 7, 2014
My little tough guy, Oscar, died just last Friday. It was a beautiful sunshiny day. We had wind and rain all week, and then on Friday, the day he died, the sun came out for the entire day. I let him soak up the rays since it was warm 60 degrees outside. I watched him lie in the sun and feel comfort now that he was able to be outside the day he died. Friday was the only day it was sunshine then on Saturday the rain returned for another week of rainstorms. I can’t believe how the sun came out for only one day, in this rainy city, the last day of his lovely little life. I am so heartbroken. Oscar died 1 day before his 10th birthday due to complications of anemia. I cannot believe he is gone. He loved my family unconditionally. Oh…. was he a cuddle bug. I cannot sleep, can’t eat, and can’t stop crying. My head hurts from crying. We miss him terribly. Dear, Oscar (aka Buster Brown) Goodbye baby boy, I’ll always love you and pray that you are in doggy Heaven, off leash, running around in the sunshine, happy. If God sends your soul back to earth, I pray that you go to the most loving home and your new family will give you so much love, which you deserve. Lots of kisses on your forehead buddy…. please know how much I love and miss you. Mama
Mar 3, 2014
I will miss you very much, but now you can play again with your sister boots and meet the sister smokie that you never knew.... love billy
Billy White
Feb 22, 2014
Siempre quisimos lo mejor para tí ,fuíste una parte muy importante en nuestras vidas y bien sabes que tú bienestar era nuestra prioridad. Ahora descansas y brillas en el Puente de Arcoiris,y algún día volveremos a encontrarnos,nos darás muchos besitos,jugaremos juntos y seguiremos amándonos para siempre . Tu veja, tu querido Abí,Coqui,Miyilin y todos tus amiguitos del barrio te extrañaremos mucho. Besitos,Besitos,Besitos!!
Jorge Miguel
Feb 14, 2014
R.I.P. Ruger. You will truly be missed. I will never forget you. You had the best life any dog could possibly have. We will always love and adore you. You lived a long happy healthy life and we will always love you. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be your friend and trusted owner for more than 13 years. I will always love and miss you.. Ruger... 08-14-2000 to 02-09-2014
Scot Swensson
Feb 9, 2014
AKC/UKC CH.Targon's Surreal Experience CDX,GN,RAE2,MX,AXJ,NF,NAP,NJP,FM,CS,TT,CGC,RTD was born 5/9/05 at 8am on a monday morning. we lost him to cancer after a 9 week battle on sunday, 2/9/14. He was a very accomplished and loved rottweiler who was known everywhere he went. he is survived by his sister, Gala and his adopted acd, Damon. Will be missed by all he touched. Rest in peace my good buddy.....
jackie kurzban
Feb 9, 2014
Rosie, our beautiful Boxer passed away today 2/8/14.We had a wonderful Saturday swimming and playing until you passed away quietly during your afternoon nap.We will always love and miss you........ , , , , , , , , , , , , Mom, Dad , Bernie and Milo xxoo
Esther DesVergers
Feb 9, 2014
Mel the opossum was a rescue 3 yr.old opossum ,he died from cancer this week 1/22/14 and will be cremated and his ashes spread on the grounds at PET HEAVEN .I loved Mel and he slept in my bed and had his own room to return to at night after he made his rounds around the house .He has his own language I knew and I shall miss him .
Jan 24, 2014
Our world became darker & sadder on December 13, 2013...we had to say goodbye to our big boy, Cooper. Even though we had you for almost 12 years, Cooper, we weren't prepared to say goodbye to you just yet. You were the most beautiful & loved dog ever! People would stop us on our walks & comment how beautiful you were...a wonderful mix of Great Dane, Lab, Akita & who knows what else! Your kitty sisters, Cali & Izzie, miss you so much. Mornings are not the same without hearing you get up & come to greet us at the side of our bed, ready to go for your walk. It's so hard coming home & not getting that big, wonderful greeting with your tail wagging. The house is too quiet. It was so hard to let you go, but it's even harder living without you! There will NEVER be another Cooper...and we thank God that you'll be waiting for us one day, when we cross that Rainbow Bridge...and you'll be running to greet us again!!! RIP sweet boy! 2/14/02-12/13/13
Jan 8, 2014
Jack Everything about you was perfect. You were so loving, so faithful and so full of life. You stole my heart and you took it with you. Jane and I miss you so much. I promise to take care of her till you are together again. You will always and forever be my lil boy.
Yvonne & Jane
Captain "Jack"
Dec 12, 2013
Thank you so very much for taking care of our beloved GusGus, He will missed forever and thanks to your services he is home with us again in a very special place. Thank you
Mr & Mrs Marino
Aug 25, 2013
My little girl is gone.Seventeen years together through good and bad times. I loved you so much but could not bear to see you lost any longer. You are now with God at Rainbow Bridge. Till we meet in heaven all my love sweet girl.
Stephen Seal
Jul 23, 2013
You're in my heart You're in my soul You'll be the best, until I'm gone You were my pet and you were my friend Until we meet again...
No Name
Jul 13, 2013
Forever in my heart, my sweet boy. <3
Heather DeBenedetto
Jun 17, 2013
"Mi Orgullo:" Has dejado un vacio enorme en nuestro hogar y en mi alma. Tuvimos la dicha de vivir juntos mas de 15 anos. Extranamos muchisimo tu compania, tu carino, tu entrega, tu fidelidad, tu estilo. Hablamos de ti todos los dias y espero en Dios poder recordarte algun dia con una sonrisa, pero por el momento, no puedo contener las lagrimas. Se que estas descansando en Paz, de otra manera no podria ser. Diste luz a nuestra vida, diste esperanza a nuestro dia a dia. Gracias a Dios nos dejaste a tu hijo, a Bruno, que nos esta ayudando mucho a vivir sin tu presencia. Hasta algun dia Pipi, Mi Barbaro. (Junio 8, 1997 - Marzo 28, 2013)
Tus papas Mary y Rigo
Apr 20, 2013
To my little girl Kalua who said good-bye on April 6, 2013. I miss you with all my heart. Thank you for all the unconditional love you gave me. You were the best 13 years in my life and forever you will be in my heart... Xoxoxo Love always, Mommy
Mary Diaz
Apr 16, 2013
Apr 1, 2013
nunca olvidare cuando te fui a buscar en junio del 2000 y el dia que te perdi enero 28 2013 casi 13 anos juntas, fuiste muy fiel y sentia en tu mirada todo tu amor, te recuerdo todos los dias y aun te lloro, miro tus fotos y recuerdo todos los momentos que vivimos, en casa todos te extranamos. Le doy gracias a Dios por el lindo regalo que fuiste para mi vida. Nunca te olvire. Siempre seras mi luna, la nina de mis ojos como siempre te decia. Tu mama.
odalys Leon
Mar 16, 2013
Misumisu was with me from the day that he was born (June 29, 2001)...He was a loving friend who was always ready to cuddle and who went everywhere with me....I still miss him and look for him at odd moments...His sister Baby still looks around for him and now clings to me more than she ever did...
Vivian Fittro.
Misumisu Fittro
Mar 7, 2013
Chiqui: When I first saw you as an abandoned stray dog in that stormy July afternoon, I knew we were meant to be together, that you were a gift from God. Your sad eyes told me of many past hurts but I promised myself that I would give you all the love that you never experienced before. Little did I know, that I was the lucky one. You showed me so much love and gratitude. You were my constant companion in the good and bad times. You taught me many life lessons, which I treasure in my heart. My little angel, what a sweet little dog were you! You loved even the stray cats! Your heart was so big and generous. You have left a big empty space in my life that is impossible to fill because the relationship that we had was very special. I will never forget you and will always treasure and be thankful for the time we had together in this life. Until we see each other again, my love, Mommy
Silvia Aznarez
Feb 21, 2013
To the brightest little angel in Heaven. We have been Blessed to have you with us for 13 and one-half years. There was none other as sweet, as affectionate, and smart as you. God knew that it was time to cross "the Rainbow Bridge", and be at peace. You were my BEST FRIEND and my constant companion. We lost you on Valentine's Day, but for me it remains a symbol of the great and enduring love we all have for you, I will ALWAYS be you MOMMY, and you will ALWAYS be my Rocky Boy. I cannot see you, but I feel your spirit and your presence everywhere. Your "Grandpa" is there....and I can envision you sitting on his lap, and playing; as he loved you SO MUCH. The tears continue to fall and my heart still aches. Just know that you mean THE WORLD TO ME, and I know you will rest in the arms of the Lord, who loves all creatures, human and animal. ALWAYS WITH US, ALWAYS LOVED; FOREVER BLESSED by having you in our lives. Love, MOMMY and your family.
Nancy Quinones
Rocky Boy
Feb 17, 2013
The hardest thing that I have ever done in my life was letting go of you, Thud. Enjoy heaven and maybe one day soon I'll see you there... Love, dad
Feb 1, 2013
You meant so much to me over the past 13 years Kobe. I hope soon I'll be able to remember you with a smile on my face instead of tears. I know that day will come. I miss you most when I walk through the front door and don't see your beautiful face and wagging tail any more. And I will miss you walking under my hand for some affection when I'm sitting in the recliner watching TV. I miss you. I love you always buddy. Rest in peace. -Luis N.
Navarro Family
Jan 30, 2013

There is a star in Heaven and on it is a place, that's been reserved for you since birth a place meant for your name.

This star has watched you through the years but it could not stand alone, it rested high on angel wings awaiting your trip home.

You slipped away, I held you close, your soul flowed through my heart, I felt your last breath through my tears I felt your pain depart.

Tonight I looked up to the sky and there for me to view was one lone star shining bright your name was shining too.

You were my angel on this earth, you're my angel in the sky. Wait for me, someday you'll see our names shine side by side. R.I.P Toby you are the shining star in the sky

Ippolitov Family
Jan 30, 2013
Cha Cha was such a sweet chihuahua. He would come racing into my house when he visited but then suddenly he got a Heart Murmur. Over the months noone knew this. At one stage he was a happy, healthy dog but just went down hill over night. He dies so young at only 7. Miss you Cha Cha . :(
Shannon Wrotny
Cha Cha
Dec 22, 2012
A Pet’s Prayer: If it should be that I grow frail and weak, And pain should keep me from my sleep, Then, you must do what must be done For this, the last battle, can’t be won. Don’t let your grief stay your hand, For this day more than the rest, Your love and friendship stand the test. We’ve had so many years, What is to come can hold no fear. You’d not want me to suffer, so When the time comes, please let me go. Take me where my needs they’ll tend, Only, stay with me to the end And hold me firm and speak to me Until my eyes no longer see. I know in time you’ll see it is a kindness you do for me Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I’ve been saved. Don’t grieve it should be you who this thing decides to do. We’ve been so close, we two, these years, Don’t let your heart hold tears. Smile, for we walked together for a while. You will always be remembered... Sara, José, Chayanne and Alondra
Sara A. Miranda
Thalía Miranda
Nov 15, 2012
Max we miss you more and more each day. You brought sunshine to us everyday for the last 14 years. You will always be in our hearts. I told the kids every-time they see a butterfly its you smiling down from heaven. You were our first baby and we will never forget you..We love and miss you
The Ippolitov Family
Nov 13, 2012
IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY KEANU: 05/04/2004-10/30/2012 Thank you for being my loyal and brave companion. You will be forever missed my sweet boy. My heart breaks but I know you are not suffering anymore. It brings me comfort to know that you are now in a better place where you can run and be free. Until we meet again in God's heaven. Love always. Your Mom.
Mari Corral
Nov 9, 2012
You were a beloved companion and protector. We always felt safe with you here. For 13 years you gave us love, loyalty and companionship. We will truly miss your presence. Love, Scott, Maureen and Samantha
The Kane Family
Oct 30, 2012
Dear Angelito, We love you very very much. Words cannot describe how much we miss you. You will always be in my heart and in my conscious for the rest of eternity. You were one amazing and handsome dog. You brought me and Milena lots of joy over the past 2 almost 3 years that we have been together. We are going to take good care of your wife Luna who also misses you very much as well. We promise she will die a virgin as well. I know one day that our souls will be reunited. Please rest in peace and have fun with god and the angels and know that we will love you and you will be our favorite dog forever.
Travis & Milena
Oct 20, 2012
May God hold you in the palm of his hands forever, thank you for 22 years of love and memories, I love you very much, rest in peace my friend.
Jacjie Grosso
Sep 22, 2012
My dear brandy you were our little hero! and we are going to miss so much!your in heaven everyday you made us fall in love with you more more and more your sister bebe loves you soooooooo! much and misses you we love you u were like my brother to me and mommy and daddy loves you! you well be missed! i remeber everything about you ! forever remeberd forver loved and forver in our hearts! we miss you my baby! r.i.p 07-25-2012 family molina! we love you ! (: :'(
Genesis j. molina
Sep 1, 2012
You were grown up when you came to us and you weren't with us long enough. You were the sweetest girl I've ever known and we love you and miss you so much! Play with Max and Midget until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge, sweetie.
Mom and Dad
Aug 28, 2012
Your life was short but you meant the world to us. Sometimes we don't understand the works of God but I know your in heaven now being mommy's & daddy's angel. You will be missed and never forgotten. I love you baby boy. RIP boom boom. 4.15.12-6.30.12
Jul 2, 2012
In memory of our beloved German Shepherds Bonnie and Clyde. They grew up together on our family farm in the Redlands, had 4 litters of the most gorgeous puppies and loved each other and us with all their hearts. This year, we lost them both, 4 months apart and both before they turned 6 years old. First Bonnie to a rare and aggressive cancer and then shockingly Clyde to bloat. Needless to say we are heartbroken and know we will never find two more wonderful and loving dogs. We know they are in a better place but will miss them so much. Rest in peace, sweet doggies...We love you and thank you for your unconditional love and friendship...
Rodriguez Family
Bonnie and Clyde
May 30, 2012
Diamond Grandma's Buttercup, Snoogie Girl and Grandpa's Sugar Mama. God has given us a wonderful gift as you, for 11 years. Diamond, I know your barking around Heaven and Expressing your Gracefulness. We Love You, but God Loves you Best: Grandma & GrandPa
May 29, 2012
Rest in Peace..! Although we didn't have all that long to know you it still broke our heart whenever we think of are such a lovely cat..don't be scared as you are not alone in the heaven..hopefully you can find many good companions will always be in our heart..miss you..!
May 19, 2012
You are missed deeply my little angel. We will see you again one day in heaven. You will never be replaced or forgotten. Be a good girl for god, and we will hold you again one day.
Michael and Michael
May 17, 2012
Dear Diva, You were my baby gurl from the day we met. I loved you so much for the 13 years that you have given me many cuddles and so much joy. You were such a part of me, that the days without you here by my side(or in my lap) seem so strange. I feel a hole in my heart that yearns to be filled again when we meet and cross over the Rainbow Bridge together. I treasure the joy, happiness, cuddles, licks and love forever...until the day we meet again. Pooka-beara, Diva-Dee, Mommy's Gurls. 7-7-99 to 4-6-12 on Earth, Forever into eternity my Sweet Baby.
Jen Fletcher
Diva Delight Fletcher-Rossi
Apr 18, 2012
Bruiser was my baby I got to love him for 3 1/2 years of his life he was a one of a kind he is missed very much by his family I know he will be waiting for me by the gates of heaven till then my baby have fun on rainbow bridge
Cathy Farrell
Apr 12, 2012
You were a joy our life, so sad to see you go. We will love you and miss you dearly. You will never be forgotten.
Mar 31, 2012
I will always love you, I am so saddened by your loss, I could never replace you. I am thankful for the 8years of your life that was given to me, I know you are safe and sound now, I love you and you will never be forgotten.
Mar 18, 2012
Loli even though we didn't have you as a puppy you stole our hearts the day we met you. We loved seeing you go after all the lizards in the yard and jumping in the pool with us. You were the sweetest girl with the biggest attitude :0) We love you and we will all miss you dearly <3
Menendez Family
Lola Menendez
Mar 6, 2012
YEI - Mama nunca te olvidara, te extrano muchisimo, tu llenabas mi vida con tu luz, y desde que te fuistes me quede en una penumbra total, cuando te tuve por primera vez en mis brazos, te robastes mi corazon, y todo mi amor fue para ti eras muy especial, era maravilloso tenerte, fui muy feliz teniendote en mi vida, te fuistes muy rapido, mi bebe, ojala hubiese podido tenerte por mas tiempo, tu sola presencia me hacia inmensamente feliz, eras el eje central de mi vida, y eres irrepetible, incomparable, insustituible e inigualable, te amare por siempre
Irina Martha Jarrin
Feb 8, 2012
Cici "the pig" McNally was a beautiful, smart and very intelligent dog. She spent the first part of her life with her dad, Jerry McNally who cared for her like a child until his untimely end. We had the benefit of spending the rest of her amazing life with her. She was such a strong girl who always greeted you with a smile. In the end she had some medical problems that robbed her of her happiness and quality of life. She passed peacefully today, 1-21-12 at about 8:30 am. She is survived by her family members Neena, Maggie, Madison, John, Hailey, Sancho and Smoky. She will be greatly missed but always remembered. We love you Cici, we will always hold a place in our hearts for you.
Neena, Maggie, Madison, Neena, Hailey, Sancho and Smokey
Jan 21, 2012

To our dear and beloved doggy. We love you and you will always remain in our heart and be a part of our lives. Thank you for unconditional love. You will always be remembered.


Mom, Dad, Erin, and Kyle

Dec 22, 2011
2000-2011 Our grumpy little old man <3 Throughout your life you attacked a pit bull and a bulldog for no reason, had allergies to everything including grass and palm trees, and constantly ate garbage and toilet paper no matter how much we tried to train you not to. RIP our little Falcor <3 We'll miss you always
Oct 5, 2011
My Pit Bull Kitty and Constant Companion. You will be forever loved and missed. See you around my princess.  1997 - 2011
Aug 30, 2011